4 Signs to Get The Right Fix for Acne

One of the most stressing and upsetting part of teenage years is the appearance of pimples and worse, having acne breakouts that do not disappear and continue through adulthood. Acne is reddish and irritating build-ups on the surface of the skin that could be painful or itchy. Most people try to pinch them in order to get rid of the puss and the pimple but most are not aware that this practice is not a good idea at all. Not only will you push the bacteria and dirt harder inside but you will also spread it on the surrounding pores. When the bacteria are pushed deeper it will leave a reddish scar and a bigger hole as the capillaries in that area had been destroyed.

Usually it is the irritation and frustration that leads people to pinch and prick their pimples. Another reason is because they could not find the best acne treatment product for them. Imagine experiencing an Exposed skin care scam or buying a fake Olay product. Instead of being able to treat the skin condition that has been stressing you, it can even aggravate the situation. Fake products can either be diluted by other substances to produce more for less quality or could be made with stronger chemicals to make sure they would deliver faster acne busting effects but could be harmful for the skin. Strong chemicals could cause dry skin, irritation, skin peeling, and burnt skin. So how do you know if you are getting the real good stuff for your acne and other skin problems?

Always check the supplier. It is safe if you are relying on well-known and huge skin care manufacturers and you are directly buying products from their stores and branches. However, if you get them from affiliates or form other general stores, make sure they have a good reputation and that they are listed and legal affiliates and distributors of the said product. Big pharmaceutical companies who produce beauty products always have very strict standards for their branches and affiliates.

Check the ingredients of the product. In choosing which acne treatment product will work for you, you would need to consider several things. These considerations include your skin type, the degree of your acne breakouts, and the cause of the acne. Sensitive skin is very difficult to deal with as it always requires gentle skin care products. To avoid irritating this skin type, it is always best to target the main cause of the acne such as oily skin due to hormones or due to genes.  This way you would not need to apply different other products into your face for a long time. Ingredients like benzoyl peroxide should not exceed 0.6% in a treatment solution. More natural products are also preferred by many people including those with allergies.

Presence of guarantees. It is always great to get a product with guarantee but an exaggerated offer of guarantee is not a good sign. Most online products offer the 60 day Full Money Back Guarantee which means if the product performs less than what is expected in that period, the customer could return it and get what he or she paid for back.

Realistic claims. Have you ever heard of overnight treatments? Well some products to have an overnight solution but it is always highly advised to only be used during emergencies and is not a complete solution for acne. Real treatment, especially if we are talking of treating the main cause of acne requires more than just a week. If you will use natural treatment and lifestyle changes, it could take longer. Do not go for products that offer unrealistic claims because the people behind those products are only in for your money.

Olivia had almost been a victim of Exposed skin care scam except she had written several articles on skin care products and tips during her magazine internship.

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Home Remedies for Acne Scars That You Already Have in Your Kitchen

When you deal with your face for corrective treatment is considered natural home remedies are the best. The skin on your face is very gentle and it is susceptible for damage from any harsh chemicals. So it is best to treat the face as gentle as we can. It can be surprising to know that the very ordinary ingredients we use for our food are the best remedies to be used to repair our skin.


natural acne treatment

Applying tomatoes on the face is one very easy way of getting rid of the acne scars. They are rich in Vitamin A which is a source that nourishes and rejuvenate the human skin. With the Vitamins when you help the skin to grow quickly the skin of the face manages to remove the scars.

The method is a such an easy one. You just have to slice the tomato into small pieces, crush it and turn it into a pulp and apply it on the face. Keep the tomato face pack for about an hour on your face and then rinse it off with lukewarm water. Make sure never to apply soap when you remove the tomato pulp from the face.


natural acne remedies

Sandalwood is another well known remedy used to cure the acne scars even since the ancient times. Simply make a paste using sandalwood and rose water and apply on the affected area of the skin. Let the paste stay for more than an hour. Or some prefer to apply this before they go to sleep and let it sit on the skin during the whole night which is also considered an effective method as the sandalwood paste stays for  a longer period on the skin.

Lemon Juice

The use of lemon juice for acne scar removal is quite similar to the treatment of sandalwood. Extract juice from a crushed lemon and apply the juice on the face with the help of a cotton swab. If the acne scars are widespread over a large area then you can use a cotton ball to apply it more effectively. It is best if you can leave the lemon juice on the skin overnight to get the best results. The lemon juice consists of anti-bacterial components that can help to remove the scars and blemishes caused by acne.

As soon as you apply lemon juice it will start to give your skin an irritable feeling but it will be gone soon. But if your skin is too sensitive and feel uncomfortable it is best to dilute the lemon juice with a little bit of water.

What ever the home remedy you choose to use be aware that when it comes to natural remedies they do not give the results right away just as the chemical remedies. The natural remedies are very safe and gentle on the skin. But it takes some time to gain the results. Once you gain the results they are will sustain long time. In this day and age we are very much used to having everything instantly. But when it comes to our human body it is not a very healthy decision.

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Acne: When Is It Time to See the Dermatologist?

Acne: When Is It Time to See the Dermatologist?

For the majority, when breakout comes we all go to the drugstore to find relief and remedy for acne. However, when the first line of defense falters, we retract back towards the main battle weapon against acne: the dermatologist. Let’s face the facts. There are no two zits that are exactly the same. If you are unsure if the lump is still a benign zit or anything else, then it pays to visit the dermatologist as soon as possible.

Your acne gets worse

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You have been taking care of your skin and have spent tons on anti-acne remedies that are bought over the counter. If the acne is still there despite putting chemicals enough to melt steel (of course that is an exaggeration). Then it is probably time to seek professional help. The dermatologist may prescribe other medicines that are not easily accessible as OTC drugs and could give you tips on how to properly care for your skin.

You never had acne before

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Surprise! Surprise! Suddenly you get a nasty breakout when during your puberty days you had supple and radiant skin. If you suspect something is wrong about your skin health because you never had pimples or acne before, then it is wiser to go directly to the dermatologist than to self-medicate. The self-medication may worsen the situation as it may be a case of allergies and the chemicals may make it go out of hand. The dermatologist is the best person that can handle and assess the situation and give you the remedies that you may need.

Your pimples are sore

Cystic acne is a condition that is characterized with the follicle wall being damaged. Nodules often appear which can be painful. These are known to be the toughest types of acne to treat. The best way to handle this painful situation is to seek the advice of a dermatologist as soon as you can. The doctor may prescribe medications and a skin regimen that will dampen the severity of the situation.

Your acne is crushing your mojo

natural acne remedies

If you feel depressed because your face is riddled with zits and the OTC drugs are no good then start seeing a dermatologist. We have to accept the fact that 85 percent of people will suffer from zits at least once in their lifetime. However, prolonged zit problems can affect your social life and self-esteem because people might think you have a horrible skin cleansing program which is not necessarily true.

Your meds cause acne

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People with skin problems may need to maintain certain medications such as steroids. Some medications have side effects that may include acne breakouts. If you take such medications and suffer from acne, try to seek a dermatologist’s help for this problem.

Avoid the problem from getting out of hand. At the slightest sign of suspicion it is best to look for a dermatologist and let him or her take a look at the situation. Nothing beats prevention in keeping your skin blemish free.


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